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  • Sites under construction or unresponsive at time of review will be rejected.
  • Sites with little or no quality content and created for Ad Revenue will be rejected.
  • Site info must be written in English, unless using Regional categories.
  • Site descriptions and titles should use proper punctuation with no errors.
  • Site descriptions and titles should not use any type symbols in titles or descriptions.
  • Site titles should not use more than 4-5 keywords and not use any promotional language.
  • Do not capitalize the first letter of every word or use ALL CAPs in descriptions.
  • Site(s) containing porn, warez, raciest or affiliate in nature will be rejected.
  • Submit your site to the most relevant lower tier category available in directory.
  • Top level category submissions are reserved for featured listings only.
  • Featured listings are "Yearly PayPal Subscriptions" and receive maximum exposure.
  • Featured listings not renewed after (1) year become regular reviewed listings.


  • Utilize the 3-5 "Deep Links" option (inner page(s) urls, titles and descriptions) offered.
  • Deep Links info is located on your Details Page and accessed by clicking "Read More" link.
  • Use up to (5) keywords for each deep link title you are submitting for review.
  • Use up to 500 characters (4-5 sentences) for your deep link page descriptions.
  • RSS feeds are displayed on bottom of details pages and self update when your sites content changes.
  • Social Media buttons appear at various locations and depend on social urls added during submission.
  • "Links 2 Visit" (5 block ads) can be purchased by clicking the "Your Link Here" under sponsored.
  • Home page "Text Link Ads" can be purchased by clicking the "Your Link Here" under sponsored.
  • "Category Sponsors" text links appear within all categories and are monthly PayPal subscriptions.

  • Your submission will also appear at various social media sites across the web.
  • Use the features provided to better enhance your site back links and indexing in all search engines.
  • Biz-Giant Directory Network offers, businesses, SEO Marketers and companies, and site visitors searching for products and services, directories with unique content and quality organic linking.
  • We offer submissions services at Biz-Giant "Directory Submission Services".
  • To Your Links Success!
  • Biz-Giant


  • We Reserve The Right:

  • to alter, move, change, submitted info at our discretion and correct any info we deem fit.
  • to accept or reject websites and make no guarantees of acceptance under any conditions or circumstances.
  • to modify any and all titles and descriptions we deem fit when conducting website review.
  • to relocate sites submitted to the most relevant category for our site visitors end experience.
  • to delete or (not delete) any link after our review is completed, regardless of any perceived 3rd party influence.
  • to decline any and all refunds after an editorial review has been conducted and finalized by our staff.

Featured links $29.99 - (24 hour review) ~ Yearly ~
Regular links $9.99 - (48 hour review) ~ Permanent ~
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